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Rental Package


      Accomodates: 12             Beds: 6 King(s) Suites  


$12,000 - $18,000

Value, based upon 4 Suite or 6 Suite Package and the season. Contact us for a quote.

Min. Bid: $8,000

NOTE: Bids below $10,000 exclude December- April dates

Charity Auctions: Contact us for a package of material and a formal contract.  This is a consignment auction item, unless noted otherwise. We do over 40 charity packages annually.

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Check In & Out:                        

 Check-In: Sat. 2:00 PM (CEN)                        Check-Out: Sat. 12:00 PM (CEN)  

Important Information:


  • Shampoo​, conditioner, bar soap, body lotion, and hair dryers are available in your bathroom.

  • Bath towels are available in your bathroom every day.

  • Beach and pool towels are available in the pool area.

TV & Stereo

  • Two TV's available on site, one at the palapa bar and the other in the TV room.

  • Stereo sound system available in the palapa bar area (requires bluetooth connectivity).

Safety Deposit Box

  • One unit available in each bedroom closet, along with instructions on setting up a locking code. Please place your valuables in the safe to ensure their security.


  • The staff is available to launder your clothes from Monday to Friday. All you have to do is place your clothing in the laundry basket located in the closet.


  • Bottles of water are available in all bedrooms. To ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible, we suggest you drink only bottled water or the water offered by the staff.

Food & Bar

  • Your trip comes with your very own private chef! Simply select your meals from a daily menu, and the staff will shop for your requests. 

  • The bar will be full stocked upon your arrival. If you have any special requests or needs, please let us know prior to your trip. 

  • Guests historically have budgeted $40-$50 USD per person per day. Each day consists of three meals plus drinks.


  • We have 5 on-site staff members including our awesome house manager, Nestor Galindo. These members are dedicated to making sure you are comfortable and happy while you enjoy your stay at Villa Paraiso. They will arrive at the home at 8 AM every morning, and leave just after serving dinner

House Keeping 

  • Every day our staff will have your rooms cleaned and beds made to ensure a worry-free stay


  • Thank you for considering our staff. We believe that tipping is an option and it is at the discretion of the clients if they so choose.

  • We have seen that the average tip is between $100 to $200 USD per guest for the week.

  • Our staff makes a big bulk of their income from tips and they work hard to ensure you have a memorable stay, so please consider awarding them for their efforts


  • Both gratuities and payments for food, bar, transportation, massages, and other various services throughout the week, will be settled with our house manager.

  • The house manager takes and distributes the payments and gratuities according to our established system.

Check out Time

  • Please coordinate with the house manager to schedule a pick up time to depart for the airport

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