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Dave's Travel Corner

Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Manzanillo, Mexico. Relax on gorgeous white sandy beaches, explore a cultural hub of art and entertainment, or check out the many famous landmarks around the city.

Get the latest updates and reviews on all the adventures and amenities that await you in Manzanillo!

What To Do & See


  • ATV Jungle tour to the Beach: This is a highly recommended, incredible trip by most guests. I would say this is a do not miss event.

  • Manzanillo City Tour: Get to know the city with a guided tour. In addition to a great overview of the main sights, you'll also learn lots of interesting tidbits about local history and lore. Highlights include visits to the sparsely-peopled Bahia de Santiago, the new seaside boardwalk, and a museum of pre- and post-Hispanic culture.

  • Colonial Tour to Colima: Just a 1-hour drive from Manzanillo, this capital city's recorded history reaches back to 1523, when Spanish conquistadors staked their claim to the area. It is actually much older, however, as evidenced by a recent discovery that unearthed a 25,000-acre stone complex consisting of pyramids that evidence a rich history. This civilization, known as La Campana, most likely dates back from 100AD to 500AD, and its culture may have direct descendancy in the Nahuatl-speaking people of the surrounding hillside villages. In town, mariachi music fills the air and the bells toll in the cathedral. Its natural attractions include the largest lagoon in the world.

  • Sunset Bay Cruise: There are few things more romantic than a sunset cruise, and Manzanillo adds some fun with mariachi music and cocktails.

  • Scuba Diving: If you've ever wanted to pet an octopus or feed an eel, Manzanillo isthe place to do it. Because its marine wonders are relatively undiscovered, the undisturbed sea life is dense and makes a spectacular sight in a pristine environment.

  • Snorkeling: Enjoy a perfect environment for snorkeling, with a shallow coral reef that is at least 4,000 years old. Highlights include the great variety of species and the fantastic coral-encrusted Elephant Rock. Get a special treat that is usually limited to scuba divers when you explore a sunken ship in just 30 feet of water!

  • Deep Sea Fishing: Manzanillo is a fantastic deep-sea fishing destination, and anglers can look forward to reeling in sailfish, tuna, and more. There are plenty of boats with expert captains for hire accommodating all skill levels. Double Trouble II is a great boat.

  • Para Gliding: Ask Nestor about Para Gliding off a mountain near Colima, it is fantastic!You are in tandem with an instructor; it is a fantastic opportunity to try this sport. Guest children as young as 6 have done this and highly recommend it. Say "Hola" to Omar for me!

  • Zip Lines: Ask Nestor about the Zip Lines through the jungle. Three huge lines that are too much fun for explanation. Go to the Nature Camp, and say "Hola" to Max and the team from Scott.

  • ·Horseback Riding: Travel like the colonials as you visit a small mountain village on the edge of the Sierra Mountain jungle and experience the centuries-old lifestyle before plunging into the jungle. Guides are highly knowledgeable in the local flora and fauna and will share interesting information as well as answer your questions.

  • ·Mountain Biking: Take your time to pedal leisurely through the rain forest, stopping as often as you would like to explore this-and-that, or race down the sloping trails. Tours are available for different skill levels, and equipment is available for rent.

  • ·Hiking: For those who want to really take the time to explore the jungle ecosystem, a walk is the best way to go. Mimosa trees actually shrink away as you brush past and the sweet scent of bromeliads and orchids entices the senses. The variety of plants and birds is quite extraordinary, including woodpeckers and parrots. Bring binoculars!

  • Careyes & Playa Blanca: Just over an hour north of Manzanillo is a jungle-lined series of rocky coves and sandy beaches that are the ultimate secluded getaway. Activities, however, are mostly geared to guests of the fine resorts that crown the Careyes Coast.

  • Tenacatita Beach: This gem of a beach is accessed by a 5-mile dirt road passing a small village set among banana and coconut trees. The nearby lagoon is filled with exotic birds and, as you approach the coast, the lovely Bahia de Tenacatita unfolds with its sandy and serene beaches. A small river flows into the sea, and swimming and snorkeling are good. There are also a few good seaside restaurants and hotels.

  • Golf: La Mantarraya is an 18-hole, par-71 course designed by the Dyes and rated one of the world's top 100 courses by Golf Digest. The Tamarindo Country Club has a spectacular 18-hole course designed by David Fleming. The Club Santiago Resort has a well-maintained 9-hole course, and there are 27-holes and a 700-slip marina at the Grand Bay Hotel & Resort.


Day Trips

  • Day Trip to Barra de Navidad: Take an excursion to the legendary village of Cihuatlán, the City of Women, amid the lush vegetation of the Sierra Madres Mountains. This traditional fishing port has a bohemian ambiance and is bordered by a lagoon that attracts exotic waterfowl. Some of the region's best seafood is served here, and every visit should include a ride on the traditional fishing boats, called pangas, with a stop at a lagoon-side restaurant for lunch. It's a great spot for adventurous gringos and has an excellent surfing beach.

  • Day Trip to Puerto Vallarta: The coastal road to Puerto Vallarta is a scenic one of varied landscapes. The town itself is lots of fun, with attractions like the movie set where Ava Gardner and Richard Burton filmed The Night of the Iguana. Spend some time bargaining with local craftsmen, and you could get a great deal on their traditional handiwork.

  • Day Trip to Guadalajara: This enchanting city is known as the "most Mexican of all", and is just a short plane ride away. Local guides are very friendly and share lots of fun and interesting information about the sights and local history. After visiting the best churches, museums, and monuments, you will still have plenty of time to shop for souvenirs and enjoy lunch.

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